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Jim's Top 10 Music Web Sites

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The following are my favorite Internet music web sites. I've chosen them mainly because of the wealth of information they provide about rock music or a specific musical artist, their visual design, and - last but not least - their entertainment value.

  • prefabsprout.net - This site is crammed with interesting facts, a discography, and the latest news on Prefab Sprout, one of the fabbest rock bands of all time. It also includes a forum for Sprouts fans.

  • The Official Steely Dan Home Page - All of the irony and black humor that were hallmarks of Steely Dan's songs are in evidence at this site. That's to be expected since it's maintained by Becker, Fagen, and their cohorts. Because it's given a visual facelift every couple of months, this site remains fresh. Oh yeah, and it contains a lot of great Steely Dan info, lyrics, and sound bytes, too.

  • Magic Smile - A Tribute to Rosie Vela - Rosie is a successful supermodel who released an album called "Zazu" in 1986. Far from being the typical "model makes album" tripe, it revealed a uniquely talented musical artist. This web site details Rosie's modelling, musical, and acting endeavors as well as photos of her (whom I met in 2000).

  • The Shonen Knife Nexus - This site is dedicated to the inimitable Japanese power-pop band Shonen Knife. It's a bit sprawling and slow to download, but it contains every bit of info you'd ever want to know about rockin' sisters Naomo and Atsuko Yamano. All your base are belong to us!

  • Robert Christgau's Web Site - Revered as the "Dean of American Rock Critics," Christgau has probably listened to and written about more rock and rock-related albums than anyone over the last four decades. His writings are interesting, sometimes funny, often thought-provoking, and always entertaining. This site contains all of the Consumer Guide columns that Christgau has written for Creem, Newsday, and the Village Voice over the last four decades, as well as excerpts from his books and other writings.

  • Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews - Wilson plus Alroy does not equal Robert Christgau; however, their pop music criticism is interesting nonetheless. The reviews on this site are categorized in several easy-to-find ways, and they make for especially interesting reading when the two writers diverge in their musical opinions.

  • Led Zeppelin - The Garden Tapes - This site provides a thorough analysis of the audio and video recordings made for Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains the Same," "BBC Sessions," and "How the West Was Won," as well as the "Led Zeppelin" DVD.

  • The All Music Guide - Not a web site for a particular band, the All Music Guide is instead a site which contains biographical and discography information on any musical artist (rock, pop, jazz, classical, etc.) you can think of. It's the most comprehensive musical information source I've ever found.

  • Attention Span Radio - A great source for listening to commercial-free jazz and fusion music on the Internet. Unlike most commercial jazz radio stations, these guys play a variety of interesting and adventuresome jazz tunes by both well-known and semi-obscure artists.

  • Apple iTunes - The best place to find out how to download and buy music over the Internet.


If you've got a comment or question about any of the artists listed here, or if there are musical artists not listed whom you think that I'd like, please send me a message.

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This page was last revised on February 13, 2004.

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