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Jim's Top Ten Music Lists

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Welcome to my top 10 music lists. Here you will learn about my favorite rock and jazz artists, favorite rock albums, not-so-favorite rock "artists" and some excellent musical artists who are largely unknown to the public. I hope that you enjoy reading these lists and discover some interesting new music for yourself.

Over the years I've amassed a large collection of music via CD, tape, vinyl, and download. I've also gone to a lot of concerts and read quite a bit about rock and jazz music. Although I enjoy music in other genres (particularly blues, Brazilian, and reggae - plus some folk and classical), rock and jazz are my favorite styles. So, I've limited my lists to those two types of music.

Once you read these lists, you'll probably notice that I have fairly eclectic musical tastes. There is no one unifying aspect to my favorite artists and albums. I'd just have to say that the music I admire the most is melodic, witty, and usually somewhat adventurous; plus, it strives to be unique and avoids lyrical and musical cliches.

If you've got a comment or question about any of the artists listed here, or if there are musical artists not listed whom you think that I'd like, please send me a message.

NOTE:   The contents of these lists are my own personal opinions. If you find that I have written disparaging comments about one of your favorite artists or bands, please don't take it personally!


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This page was last revised on July 19, 2003.

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